Shipping Policy

We know you want it yesterday BUT our manufacturers come from all over the world as do our clients so it’s very challenging to have a blanket shipping policy that works for everyone.

Generally speaking there is about a 3 to 4 week wait for most items to arrive at your door.

Sometimes this wait is even longer if there are public holidays or poor postal services to contend with.

Generally if you order your outfit when you buy your festival tickets then you should have a few months up your sleeve anyway.

If at the time of processing your order we are advised that the wait time will be substantially longer than that, then my team will send you a courtesy email with the estimated arrival dates to confirm if you would like to proceed or if you would like a refund. 

In some instances you may be able to pay an additional shipping charge to get it faster but this may not always apply or be affordable depending on where you live and where the item is coming from.

If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours then we will continue with your order as planned. Please note once the order is placed it is no longer refundable.

Please keep in mind that every countries postal system is different. Generally though we will send you the updates as to when the item has left it’s origin country and when it has arrived at your country. 

The next updates are when the item has cleared customs and when it’s being shipped to your state/province and finally when it’s been shipped to your suburb/precinct/area and then it will be shipped to you. 

As you can appreciate your package goes through many check points and each country handles those differently and reports differently.

So whatever information we get we will pass on to you.

Keep in mind as we deal with many different manufacturers your order may come in multiple packages. If this is the case there will be updates on each order number sent to your email.

Finally if you are starting to freak out there are multiple ways including apps to track a parcel so please reach out to us and we will try an alternate method to see if there is even more up to date information that we can obtain for you.

Keep in mind there will always be another festival/event that you can wear it to, so if for some reason your deadline is a little tight and your package isn’t going to arrive in time, just get creative and save this for your next event!